Handshake App Review by Patsy Stewart

From Patsy Stewart, Director of Social Media Marketing and Training at Entwine, Inc.:

Thumbs up for Handshake!! Your innovation continues to show in the services and value you provide your clients. The new Handshake Android application is just another great example of how you bring professionals together for success.

Patsy Stewart, Power App User I'm always looking for new technologies and ways to feed my passion for social networking. Upon learning about the release of the app, I immediately tried it out! My first impression…simple, but useful.

  1. Easy to load, and by the way, I love the QR code!
  2. Easy to find businesses or individuals using the search feature.
  3. Easy to connect to listed individuals. I connected to several people on LinkedIn straight from the app.

OK, so I do have a wish list!  In future upgrades to the Handshake App I would love to see some enhancements.

  1. Additional social networking links. Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare would be my preferences.
  2. Company directory, listing each employee with profile picture instead of showing the company name listed multiple times.
  3. Company address, with GPS directions from current location.
  4. Email link.  One click and it opens up Gmail.
  5. Search by keyword to find local businesses by industry, location or specialty.
  6. Change the application name. Drop "The" so it will move up closer to the top of applications and you don't have to scroll to find it!

I have loaded a ton of Android apps and there are many that I never or rarely use.  That won't be the case with my Handshake App. As a business professional I can see it becoming one of my favorites, right there on the main screen beside my calendar and my email.

  1. Contact list. I can quickly search for a company or person I am meeting.
  2. References. I can quickly review a LinkedIn profile for recommendations.
  3. Referral. I can turn a cold lead into a warm lead with an introduction from Handshake.

I'm sorry for those (iPhone lovers) who haven't had the opportunity to try Handshakes App and see first hand the value you will get but you can rest assured that Anne Clelland will do everything she can to have it in your hands as soon as possible!


From Handshake 2.0:  Thank you so much, Patsy, for this great feedback.  And thank you, too, for recommending we add the QR code!

Patsy Stewart is in The Handshake App.   Are you?

Readers are invited to follow Patsy Stewart on Twitter and to download The Handshake App and to learn more About The Handshake App.

A Transportation Handshake
Who's in FRONT? Wanda Richards


  1. I think a favorites list would be great too. So I would not have to search for contacts I might want to use more than once.

    Maybe a vCard I could forward to someone as a referral? Or a pre-made email branded with Handshake Logo saying “This referral was brought to you by… download from the Android App Store here.”

    Though I guess that would be the time to add them to the address book.

  2. Thanks for adding your ideas to Patsy’s, Allen. Really appreciate your thoughtful feedback and interest! The version 2 wish list exits!

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