Content Management System Scalability

Handshake doesn't need a web content management system (CMS) yet.  In answer to Mary Miller's question, What content management system are you using?, I answered that our sites are built on TypePad blog software.

When we outgrow TypePad and have multiple users and multiple projects going, some published, some in development, we'll need a web CMS like iCMS.

The NewVa Corridor Technology Council (NCTC) web site is built on iCMS so, as a member of NCTC, I see iCMS in action.  iCMS reminds me of Google Docs – it's a collaborative way to create information, but for the web.  

Depending upon their roles and responsibilities in the organization, some iCMS users can create and edit, some can publish, and everyone can contribute what they can and access what they need.  Even every NCTC member has access to the site through the Member Directory.  As they grow and evolve, member companies can control and update their own content, including mission critical company descriptions and contact names. 

Mary Miller explains how website content management system iCMS can scale and grow with a company or organization.

You're invited to connect with iCMS on Facebook and iCMS on YouTube and to read more about iCMS on Handshake 2.0

iCMS is a product of IDD, Inc., a full-service IT firm.  IDD, Inc. is a client of Handshake Media, Inc., the parent company of Handshake 2.0.

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