Droid X Learning Curve

As I mentioned in The App Effect, I am part of a team testing a web application currently in private beta.  After contemplating the Droid X, then buying one on July 17, 2010, I feel as if I'm part of another beta test. 

I live in a small town. The Droid X is brand new.  I don't know anyone else locally who has bought a Droid X and the salesperson from the local shop from which I bought mine, while earnest and willing, had not touched a Droid X until she opened the box that held my phone.  The shop will become an invaluable source information in the future. But they're beta testing, too.  For now, I'm on my own.   

Having seen the video of the toddler figuring out how to use an iPad almost instantaneously, and having read the numbers on corporate online video, I thought I'd video my own progress. This is how far I've gotten in three days in my own private beta test.

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