Droid X Learning Curve – Foursquare

I purchased a Droid X on July 17, 2010 and shared the beginning of my Droid X learning curve through video three days later.  On day twelve with my new machine, here's a video showing how I use Foursquare on the Droid X.

This video is a continuation of my determination to participate in what I see as an imperative to create corporate videos, given the numbers for corporate online video.  I did this video in one take in what gave me great amusement to dub the Droid X Video Production Studio.  It's closer to the 2-minute-that's-all-they'll-watch standard than the first one and it took a quarter of the time to make.

I seem to have other reasons for making videos, too.

According to Dan Pallotta, writing for the Harvard Business Review, at the core of entrepreneurship is vulnerability.

Did I feel vulnerable posting an amateur video of my inexpertise with the Droid X on YouTube, a medium that receives two billion views per day?

Yes, I did. 

If you view the comments on the first Droid X video on YouTube, you'll see that public vulnerability risks public ridicule. Ah, well. For me – and this is a personal decision, not by any means a moral or ethical standard for all – the potential reward outweighs the risk.

And for that risk, I received this unexpected delight:  help.  Viewers of the video who noticed my problems left comments explaining how to solve them. 

One of the people who left a comment, Dan Burdi, I know.  It's still who you know.

The other person?  Someone I don't know.  Kindness from a stranger.  That's a delight, too.


Why am I working hard so learn the Droid X?  A company needs a mobile app.

You're invited to read more about our experiences with the Droid X on Handshake 2.0 and with Foursquare on Handshake 2.0.

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