A Company Needs a Mobile App

"We don’t need no stinking badges."
- Bandit, Blazing Saddles

"We don't need no stinking World Wide Web site."
– Business owner, 1999
"We don't need no stinking social media. Twitter sounds like 'twit'!  Ha!"
– Business owner, 2009
"We don't need no stinking mobile app."
– Business owner, long before 2019

A company needs a mobile app.

This "Ah-ha!" moment came when I read about the Sacramento Bee launching its own smartphone app, and "In terms of presentation, there won’t be a huge difference between the downloadable version and what iPhone users experience now by going to sacbee.com."

If there's no huge difference, then the barriers to entry are low. 

According to Juniper Research, "…the annual number of consumer-oriented handset downloads is expected to rise from less than 2.6 billion in 2009 to more than 25 billion in 2015." 

Let me think this through.  A company needs to reach people - customers – to whom it can sell its products and services to survive and thrive.  A company website is available to almost 2 billion Internet users.  A company Twitter account becomes one of 100 million registered users and a corporate Facebook page joins 500 million.

25 billion mobile app downloads?

Worrying about whether or not to have a corporate Twitter account is so WWW.  Time to find a mobile app developer.

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