Handshakes with Meals Next Door

Akin Yildiz and Ken Maready
Akin Yildiz, partner with Meals Next Door, the pioneer of online cooking,  shares a Handshake 1.0 with Ken Maready of Hutchison Law Group, named by Handshake 2.0 the Entrepreneur's Entrepreneur.

Jacob Eberhart and Ken Maready

Jacob Eberhart, partner with Meals Next Door shares a Handshake 1.0 with Ken Maready.

You're invited to visit the Meals Next Door web site, currently in beta, to follow Meals Next Door on Twitter, and to like Meals Next Door on Facebook.

Women and Smartphones
Triathlons Create Companies


  1. Thanks for the post! We are currently working to figure out all of the financials that we need for a NCTC Pitch and Polish Clinic that we are very excited to attend on June 22nd! Our website is going to be functional in a week (Our deadline from our webmaster) and we hope to be adding menu items as soon as we are financed! For more information, please email [email protected].

  2. I so look forward to hearing more about your company – and becoming a client! Thank you so much for choosing Handshake 2.0 to begin to share news of your company’s origins and growth!

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