Tech Showcase: Click and Pledge – The New Face of Mobile Giving

Thanks to the overwhelming success of the Red Cross mobile and text giving campaign for Haiti earthquake relief, nonprofits across the world have been inspired to investigate text based fundraising. Unfortunately the service, as initially envisioned, works well for large organizations, but is not really viable for the majority of nonprofits.

Click and Pledge set out to change that.

SMS Mobile Giving Platform from Click and Pledge Click and Pledge offers Software-as-a-Service, SaaS solutions for organizations such as non-profits, charitable groups, and political campaigns to access online fundraising tools. The SMS Mobile Giving Platform has been added to its services.

According to Jim Barney, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, “This is bold new territory with a magnitude of potential and promise, so Click & Pledge wanted to be one of the early entries into the arena with a viable solution for all nonprofits. To do so, we attacked the current barriers and cost structures in four major ways.”


Most mobile donations are processed through the phone company which means, unless special arrangements are made in advance, 10%-50% of donated funds don’t go to disaster relief, but to the phone company. By processing mobile donations through the credit card companies, Click and Pledge is able to keep fees below 5% for each transaction.

Lack of Donor Data

While the extra influx of cash in a crisis is helpful, without the ability to contact new donors to start building long-term relationships, the value of mobile donations is significantly diminished. Unlike most mobile pledge services, Click and Pledge captures complete donor information and provides it to the nonprofit in a usable format.

Delay of Funds

Mobile giving is most effective for soliciting donations for crisis situations. Yet nonprofits using traditional mobile giving platforms often do not receive the funds raised for up to 3 months after they are pledged. While large organizations, like the Red Cross, have the cash flow needed to work around the delay, smaller organizations don’t have that luxury. Click and Pledge’s system gets donations to the organization in under 48 hours.

Donation Caps

Mobile giving provides people the opportunity to be generous when they are inspired, but by capping donations at $10 - well below the average online donation of $92 - a reliance on traditional mobile giving may actually hurt a nonprofit's bottom line. With Click and Pledge, the $10 donation cap does not apply. The Click and Pledge system also allows for reoccurring payments, a feature not yet available on any of the other mobile platforms.

By knocking down these four barriers, Click and Pledge not only improved upon a good thing, but also made this service, previously only profitable for giant organizations, accessible to the local organizations making a real difference in local communities.

You're invited to read more about the new SMS Mobile Giving Platform from Click and Pledge.


Maureen Carruthers is passionate about helping nonprofits achieve their missions.  For ideas to help a favorite nonprofit be heard, including how volunteers can help, you're invited to visit her blog, Low Hanging Fruit.


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