Tech Showcase – NextThreeDays Widget Premiere

Question #1:  In an age of information overload, when everyone can find everything that’s possible to do all at once, wouldn’t it be nice to know what’s happening just in the next three days?

Question #2:  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to find out what’s happening – everywhere?

We asked the first question when we featured NextThreeDays in our Handshake 2.0 Tech Showcase.  We’re asking the second question now.  The answer to both is “Yes!”, thanks to the NextThreeDays widget.

According to Jami Ryan, Senior Developer at Automation Creations, Inc., creators of NextThreeDays, the technologies used to create the new widget were Flash, ColdFusion and XML.  Users can generate code for the widget on the fly by creating their own customized NextThreeDays events widget like the one shown for Handshake 2.0.

Since Jami Ryan was open to answering more questions, we asked:

H20: What’s the mission or purpose of NextThreeDays and how does a widget help further that mission?
N3D: NextThreeDays is the resource to help you get off your couch and find something to do in the New River Valley. There’s a lot going on in this area, but not everyone knows about all the events. NextThreeDays solves that problem. The mission of NextThreeDays is to be the online resource to find fun events. Our new event widget helps with our mission by freely sharing our event listings with other websites and online resources.

H20: What’s the coolest thing about N3D?
N3D: From my perspective, the coolest things about NextThreeDays have been the overwhelming positive reactions we’ve received when we’ve shown the website at various festivals and expos, and now knowing about so many more events that are happening in the area. I’ve personally gone to a lot more local events since we’ve launched and I would not have known about these events and specials without this resource that we’ve created.

What’s a geek to love about NextThreeDays?
NextThreeDays is not your typical calendar app. It’s structured and designed differently in that it only focuses on three days at a time and moves completely away from the standard calendar layout. Our goal was to create a website that allows you to do as little or as much as you want. You can sit and watch all the events scroll by and do nothing, or you can get right down to the heart of what your interests are very quickly.


You’re invited to sit and watch the events of things to do in the New River Valley of Virginia scroll by, or connect up with NextThreeDays on Twitter at @Next3Days and on Facebook.


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  1. Anne, thank you so much for this great article! We’re hoping restaurant owners, webmasters, and other area residents of the New River Valley will be excited to add this free feature to their various websites.

    We’re continuing to work hard on and hope to have more cool, new features ready to release very soon so be on the lookout. And if anyone has any ideas or comments for us, we would love to hear them, good or bad.

    Thanks again!

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