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From InteractiveGIS:

We believe our company, InteractiveGIS, providers of Web-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS), sold the world’s first GIS at auction on eBay.  The auction closed on April 6, 2010, for a purchase price of $5.50.

David Bradshaw, President, InteractiveGIS, Inc.We are delighted.  The purchaser plans to make an announcement so we’ll let you know who bought the GIS when they make it public.  In the meantime, it’s time for another auction.

Why sell a web-based GIS at auction on eBay?  Especially if the purchase price is well below its value?

GIS is no longer limited to a desktop application to purchase and install.  Now accessible to any user, anywhere in the world through a Web-based interface – expanded through the power of cloud computing to handle data in capacities previously unimaginable – GIS offers possibilities to create the new and solve the old in inspired ways.

The more access creative people have to GIS, the sooner those possibilities can be explored, discovered and realized.  InteractiveGIS wants to be part of making that access happen.

Our next auction of a Web-based GIS will go live on Tuesday, May 18, 2010.

How to Bid on the GIS Auction on eBay


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