GIS: Try Before You Buy

From InteractiveGIS:

Our next auction of a Web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) will go live on eBay on Tuesday, May 18, 2010.  We explain why:  "GIS offers possibilities to create the new and solve the old in inspired ways. The more access creative people have to GIS, the sooner…possibilities can be explored, discovered and realized.  InteractiveGIS wants to be part of making that access happen."

If you're uncertain about what a GIS is, or what creative role it can play in your company or organization, we invite you to "shop" using our Web-based Geographic Information Systems.  Our client, Rogers County, Oklahoma, offers guest access to its GIS

On the Rogers County, Oklahoma GIS LogIn page, please read and agree to the Terms by clicking the check box, then click Guest Access.

Rogers County, OK GIS Login page

The Map Layers tab (top left in red below) shows selected features differentiated by color. If you click the Zoom In tool button on the tool bar (far right in red), you can then draw a box around an area of interest and it will zoom in to the extents of the box.

Geographic Information System - GIS - data layers

We're inspired by GIS and hope you will be, too.  We invite you bid on your own Web-based GIS in our eBay auction on Tuesday, May 18, 2010.


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