Clay Street Mile

The Clay Street Mile is an uphill run course with a climb of 217 feet in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA.

Map by Jeremy Hart.  Map short URL:
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Listed fastest first.  All times are self-reported and unofficial.

Timothy Driscoll, @behindtherabbit, 6:08, 5/25/10

Erik C. B. Olsen, @ErikCBOlsen, 6:47, 7/30/10

Gary Cope, @garycope, 8:23, 6/7/10

Katie Pritchard, @katiepritchard, 8:35, 6/15/10

Jeremy Hart, @NRVLiving, 8:58, 5/9/10

Ken Maready, @kenmaready9:31, 7/27/10

Anne Clelland, @handshake20, 11:08, 5/4/10



Anne Clelland, 9 mph, 7/1/10

To report your time on the Clay Street Mile, please post a Twitter update to @handshake20 using the Clay Street Mile hashtag #claystmile or email [email protected].

Feel free to leave thoughts, feelings, observations, awarenesses and updates about running the Clay Street Mile in the comment section on this page.

Plaid Squared Handshake
Who's in FRONT? Garry Norris


  1. My first attempt at the claystmi:

    Ken Maready, @kenmaready, 9:31, 7/27/10

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