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I was delighted to be asked to write 3 Metrics to Help Stop Abandoned Blog Syndrome for Flack's Revenge by Bob Geller.  Bob kindly wrote Introducing Tomorrow's Topic and Guest Blogger as a lead to the post, explaining that he and I have never met.  However, we have been online colleagues since August 2008. Our Handshake 2.0 Google search shows the two-year history of our site highlighted by Bob Geller's wisdom in quotes, posts and comments.  Bob created Handshake 2.0's acronym, "H20."  I was honored to write this post for you, Bob.

Here's an excerpt:

Although the reasons for why we do what can be both, most of us tend to be one more than the other, either intrinsically or extrinsically motivated.

"Which are you?"

This is a question I have begun to ask clients who seek to increase a corporate online presence, particularly through a corporate blog.  Since I can write about clients, but not for them – social media is personal after all – and blogging is hard work, so hard that 95% of blogs are abandoned, if we know the answer to the intrinsic-extrinsic question from the outset, we can help avoid the “lights on, nobody home” Abandoned Blog Syndrome.

Clients who answer that they’re intrinsically motivated, frankly, have an easier time maintaining a blog.  They enjoy their ideas, gain satisfaction from expressing them in words, and appreciate seeing their own work online after they click “Publish.”  The process itself is the reward.

For extrinsically motivated clients, the way is more challenging.  When the reward comes from the results of the process, not from the process itself, what’s an extrinsically motivated blogger to do?

Feel free to read the rest of 3 Metrics to Help Stop Abandoned Blog Syndrome on Flack's Revenge.


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  1. Thanks, Anne, as you say we have never met but we have had a wonderful collaboration and I have learned a lot in the process.

  2. Thank you, Bob, and you will always hold a special commemorative marker in the history of Handshake 2.0 – our first-ever link in! Thank you again so much for “discovering” us!

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