A Warm Handshake with Allen Fuller

Public speaking is the number one fear reported by people in the U.S.  That's probably why some companies have challenges making corporate videos.

In Why the Contest Prize is a Flip Camera for the Blacksburg Foursquare Swarm Party, we restated the bottom line about online marketing with videos, though:  Gotta do it.

Sometimes if someone else goes first, it helps us get started.

We asked Allen Fuller.  He went first.  And his friends went, too.  That's leadership.  Thanks, Allen.  Great friends, too.


Allen Fuller is a freelance writer, photographer and aspiring entrepreneur.  He blogs at AllenJFuller.com, you can find him @AllenJFuller, and read more Allen Fuller on Handshake 2.0.


We invite you to share your company video on Handshake 2.0 with a Warm Handshake.

The Handshake Video - World Premiere Six Months Ago Today
A Local Handshake


  1. glad to be apart of the fun!

  2. I recognized you! What a great sport you are, Wade! Thank you so much!

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