Tech Showcase – MiserWare’s Green IT Gets Personal

Can a personal computer go green? According Kirk Cameron, founder of MiserWare, Inc., it is possible to make a PC more energy efficient with the help of one of his company's Green IT solutions: MicroMiser.

MicroMiser can be easily installed on a server, laptop, or PC Smaller than a single MP3 file, MicroMiser can be easily installed on a server, laptop, or PC. It reduces energy use through a power-matching system that automatically syncs the energy consumed by the computer to the load on the system without any loss in performance. The result? A reduction in the PC's carbon footprint, a savings in power consumption which prolongs the computer's battery life, and a reduction in the cost to run the computer without any loss in performance. In addition, MicroMiser tracks the amount of energy saved and the reduction in carbon emissions and is available for both Linux and Windows systems.

While reducing the carbon footprint of personal computers around the globe, Cameron has increased the social media footprint of his company. Using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter has turned out to be the best way to get the word out about MicroMiser's free beta user program.

“We have always tried to put our software in the hands of as many users as possible. Since most people 'friend' or 'like' a dozen or more people on Facebook and our software has broad appeal with an aspect of social responsibility, Facebook becomes a way for people to encourage their friends to use MiserWare software to be more energy conscious much in the way you might encourage someone to recycle.”

Judging by the increasing size of MiserWare's footprint, social media marketing is working. Cameron reports that within two weeks of launching the Windows version of their product on Facebook and Twitter, their user base grew to over 1,000 new users. He acknowledges that a referral program rewarding people who got their friends to try the software helped. “As part of our incentive program, so far we've given away nearly two dozen iPods to users from Ohip, to France and the U.K.”

As a leading provider of intelligent software power management, ISPM (TM), solutions, MiserWare is taking the necessary steps to reduce energy consumption and increase its user base.


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