Mayor of Handshake 2.0 Headquarters

According to Mashable, as "The Mayor" of a location in Foursquare, I'm one of one million users connected to a company currently valued at $100 million.  Further, I'm hot!  "Foursquare has been on fire in a way that no startup since Twitter has come close to achieving."  Better:  "[Foursquare] is changing the world…"

I'm a Foursquare Mayor!

What is Foursquare?  According to its help page, Foursquare is "a cross between a friend-finder, a social city-guide and a game that rewards you for doing interesting things."

Jeremy Hart (hands down Foursquare Mayor of Blacksburg, Virginia!) was the first person I knew to use Foursquare, and Patsy Stewart used it in a way I found gave personality to places.  Knowing I had a cross country plane flight ahead to do a beta test, I joined last week.

For me, Foursquare is a way to use the GPS function in my BlackBerry to connect me in new ways to people I follow on Twitter. 

Ha!  And it's fun!  Look at my stats!  I want to be Mayor of The Weight Club!  Who is Bluto H.?!


Anyway, Foursquare has also inspired some new formulations.

I first heard the term game mechanics used by Frederick Cook, founder of Actifity.

I offered this GIS R.O.I. formula in a post about client InteractiveGIS

Business Data + Algorithm, Formula and/or Idea + GIS = New R.O.I.

and this Killer App formula

Business Data + Algorithm, Formula and/or Idea + GIS + SaaS = Killer App

and saw a demo of NewCity's Nomad mobile app.

Then I joined Foursquare.

Now I'm thinking:

Game Mechanics + Social Networking + GPS GIS + Business Data
+ Algorithm, Formula and/or Idea + Mobile = Killer App

Now I'm off to The Weight Club to do some more thinking.  And to Check In with Foursquare!  Watch out, Bluto H.!

A Warm Handshake from Handshake 2.0
Who's in FRONT? Lana Juarez


  1. Key point – “social city-guide”.

    So much of this stuff can be fun, and help make new connections with people, but it’s also a way to connect with the area (and opportunities) around you.

    See you ’round the Square!

  2. Key point – “connect with the area (and opportunites”

    Couldn’t help but think about regional economic development, a key component of our mission.

    And this was interesting from Inc. with regard to opportunities:

  3. More on using Foursquare:

    And thanks, Bonnie Cranmer, for the link to this video:

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