What Is GIS? Imagine Your Garage on GIS

When I tell the story of our client, InteractiveGIS, making what we believe is the world’s first GIS sale on eBay, I hear more often than not, “What’s GIS?”

Just as “World Wide Web,” “iPhone” and “Twitter” were once unfamiliar but now ubiquitous terms, so will Geographic Information System, or “GIS” be.  Here’s one way to answer, “What is GIS?”

Imagine your garage on GIS Imagine you could push a key on your laptop or touch a finger to your iPad and be shown where every one of your tools was located in your garage.  What if out of all those tools, you just wanted to find your wrenches?  But what if out of all your wrenches, you wanted to find the open-ended wrenches?  What if you did some work and found you needed the 10mm instead of the 12mm?  What if you could use your laptop or mobile device to find the 10mm instantly?

That’s one way GIS works.  It looks at information and finds what’s important to you at that moment.

That one way GIS works can be added to other ways.  GIS creates synergy from location (geography), information (databases), and systems.  No part alone is as powerful as all the parts working together as a GIS.

So what if your garage were your company’s warehouse?  What if you could not only find the location or geography of every inventory item in your warehouse, but could find it based on price (your company’s databases), and demand (your company’s customer relationship management system software, CRM)?

And what if the examples we’ve provided here caused you to think about your company in a new way?

Maybe something like:

Business Data + Algorithm, Formula and/or Idea + GIS = New R.O.I.

Your innovation and the resultant R.O.I. will be the reason the question won't be "What's GIS?" but will become "What's your company doing with GIS?"


InteractiveGIS, a custom, Web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) solutions provider, is a client of Handshake Media, Incorporated, of which Handshake 2.0 is an enterprise.

You're invited to read more about InteractiveGIS on Handshake 2.0 and to fan InteractiveGIS on Facebook.

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