How to Bid on the GIS Auction on eBay

GIS auction on eBay from InteractiveGIS The clock is ticking. The eBay auction for a Geographic Information System from InteractiveGIS ends on April 06, 2010 at precisely 04:59:55 PDT.

As far as we know, the sale of a GIS system on eBay will be a first in the history of e-commerce. For the curious and the seriously interested, bidding and buying on eBay may also be a first.

Here's what first-time eBayers need to do:

Create an account
The process of registering as an eBay user is very simple. You need only to provide your name, address, account name and password. Click here for the registration form.

Login to eBay
Once you've created an account, login whenever you open eBay. In addition to being able to bid on auctions or make a purchase from an eBay store or via the “Buy-it-Now” option, being a registered user also allows you to flag items for “watching,” conduct advanced searches, and submit questions to the seller.

Prepare to Bid
Bidding is not for the faint of heart and the end of any auction is guaranteed to get a heart racing. It takes a combination of intelligence and luck to become the winning bidder. As the close of the auction approaches, determine the final amount you are willing to pay. About 10–15 minutes before the auction closes, log in and go to the listing page. Click on “Bid History” to see how bidding has progressed. Refresh your screen every few minutes (and later every few seconds) to monitor the bidding.

Submit Your Bid
The winner is the person with the highest the bid. The longer you can stand to wait to submit your bid, the more likely you are to enter the winning bid. Ebay recommends these steps:

1. Carefully review the listing.
2. Enter your maximum bid, and then click the Place Bid button.
3. Review your bid, and click the Confirm Bid button.

Note that clicking “Confirm” submits your bid. Ebay will let you know immediately if you're the winner (or not).

What started as a way to sell used or unwanted items has turned into a global marketplace for almost any type of product. From top clothing designers with exclusive eBay lines to experts in geographic information systems, eBay represents a new way to reach a broad and diverse audience where the buyer determines how much to pay.


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