Business Gems Found in Black and White Strike Gold

Black and White Strike Gold is a mine overflowing with solid business advice from Sandi Webster and Peggy McHale. After being laid off from American Express in the aftermath of September 11, Webster and McHale, racially-mixed female business partners, launched Consultants 2 Go, a multi-million dollar consulting firm providing marketing and professional services to Fortune 500 and mid-size companies.

Black and White Strike Gold by Sandi Webster and Peggy McHale While these two budding entrepreneurs were building their company, they had the keen foresight to keep track of their mistakes and triumphs. They share these nuggets of wisdom with engaging voices so that those wishing to expand their businesses or launch new ones can do so without suffering the boredom that typically comes with reading a traditional book on business management and marketing.
A top ten list of nuggets (selected from a list of 51)  for every business owner and potential entrepreneur from Black and White Strike Gold are shared below:

  1. Follow your passion! Create a business that you enjoy.
  2. Choose partners wisely. A partner with a different skill set will enrich your business and personal life.
  3. Be nice to people. Choosing to treat all people with dignity and respect will come back to you.
  4. Beware of naysayers. Avoid negative people who are not supportive of your business.
  5. Put it in writing! Have a written contract for everything you do, regardless of the size.
  6. Have a board of trusted advisors, one of which should be a CPA and one of which should be an attorney.
  7. Hire slow, fire fast.
  8. PR is mandatory!
  9. Harness the power of social media. Have an open mind to this way of marketing.
  10. The only constant is change. Be able to embrace change in order to move forward.


Donna Dilley is a business etiquette consultant based In Roanoke, Virginia.  She writes a business etiquette column for Valley Business FRONT.


Handshake 2.0 thanks Wendy Roberts of Orca Communications for the gift of a review copy of Black and White Strike Gold.

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