Who Controls Access to Your Social Media Channels?

To one of my company’s social media channels, I gave my company’s user name and password to an information technology company we hired to implement a service for us.  When the company finished implementing the service, I changed the password.

I control access to my company’s social media channels.

Social media is cool!  Enterprising, enthusiastic, well-intentioned company employees of well-meaning companies may be designated to open accounts to social media channels and social networking sites on behalf of the company – blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, for example – and naturally use their associated personal accounts to do so.

They control access to the company’s social media channels.

How long do employees usually stay with one company?  Not as long as the company founder does.

When we set up social media channels and social networking sites for our clients, we highly, highly recommend for them to provide us with an email address from an independent, third party source, or allow us to set one up, so we can do what we need to do.

Then we turn the channel and the email address over to our client, preferably to the company founder.  We advise him or her to change the password.  From there, the associated email address, user name and password can all be changed – by the company founder.

The company controls access to the company’s social media channels.


Added 3/8/10:  While he/she who controls the email address controls the account is generally true, checking on a case-by-case basis provides a company the most control and the best protection.

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