Open Call at the AMA Higher Ed Marketing Symposium

If you're a business professional and have ever attended a conference, then you're probably aware that before speakers, agendas, and ice breakers, a “Call for Papers” invited prospective presenters to submit proposals documenting their specific areas of expertise for possible session topics. For as long as there have been conferences, the Call for Papers has been a tradition. In 2010, however, one organization is tweaking tradition and adding a new element to the “Call.”

Elizabeth Scarborough According to Elizabeth Scarborough, CEO of SimpsonScarborough, a DC-based, higher education marketing, branding, and research firm and four-time chair of the Symposium for the American Marketing Association of Higher Education, the 2010 Call for Papers includes a “Call for Video.”

“We all know that a great conference session is about 1) content, and 2) delivery,” said Scarborough. “But, with only a paper proposal to review, we are only able to assess the content, and we are not able to make any judgment whatsoever about delivery style and effectiveness. The video submissions will allow us to evaluate both!”

While Scarborough is excited about the addition of video to the submission process, she does not think it's anything for presenters to stress over. “We do not want ANYONE to jump through any big hoops to get their video submission produced. In fact, I've shot my own home-grown video as an introduction to the entire concept and to show potential proposers that it can be done from the comfort of your own desk with very little support or preparation.” Scarborough's web-cam video can be found via the link New this Year: Video Submissions on the AMA website.

The 2010 AMA Symposium will be held in San Diego, November 7 – 10, 2010. The deadline for presenter submissions is April 9.

Scarborough expects the Call for Video to lead to a better program. “I don’t expect that the video submissions will make the review process any shorter, but I do expect that we, as a committee, will be able to do a better job choosing the content for the program than we did last year.”

From the corporation to higher ed, the AMA's video call is just one example of America's growing love for all things video. Check out the links below to learn more:


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