Precision Painting

Precision and imprecision have been on my mind recently:  the 10 m x 10 m GIS-enabled precision of Rural System’s land and natural resource management system, the imprecision of converting leads to sales, the precision of the exquisitely crafted post for Handshake 2.0 by Donna Dilley on slang, the imprecision of generating traffic to a web site.

When I need reassurance of the possibility of pairing precision with human effort, all I have to do is look up from my computer and around at the walls of our home.  With colors selected by Babs Chenault, our interior decorator, Jeff Proco painted them with brush and roller, without tape measures, without blue painter’s tape, without error.  Even the corners.

In the beauty that resulted from Proco's precision lies the reassurance of possibility.

Complex interior house painting vision implemented by Jeff Proco of Pro Painting 

Precision home interior painting by Jeff Proco of Pro Painting 
Jeff Proco heads Pro Painting Company based in Riner, Virginia.  He can be reached at 540-357-4880.

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  1. Dr. Richard Daugherty, director, VT business technology center, has made the point (as I interpret it) of the high costs of long and precise planning, when natural variability, uncertainty, and nearly-daily change suggests limited planning and increased action. Adequate precision remains the question.

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