High Fives for Handshake 2.0

High Five from Handshake 2.0 We were ecstatic and honored to receive such great news!

We are very proud of our clients!

Smart College Visit, Inc., founded by Z. Kelly Queijo, was one of five finalists selected for the VT KnowledgeWorks Entrepreneurship Summit Open Business Concept Competition.

Smart College Visit, Inc. was nominated for a Rising Star Award by the NewVa Corridor Technology Council (NCTC) for its TechNite 2010 Awards.

InteractiveGIS, Inc. was nominated for a Rising Star Award and for an Innovation Award by the NewVa Corridor Technology Council (NCTC) for its TechNite 2010 Awards.


"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."
– Henry Ford

For moving Handshake 2.0 forward towards success with them, I thank our clients, our team, my mentors and fellow company founders at VT KnowledgeWorks, and my serendipitous colleagues who go arm-in-arm ahead with me with strength – and who carry me with them when I falter.


Handshake 2.0, an enterprise of Handshake Media, Incorporated, is a business news, public relations, and business development site featuring new developments in entrepreneurship and venture funding, best practices in business principles, models, and innovation, and the latest on company leaders and companies, from start-ups to moguls. 

Handshake 2.0 synthesizes the personal, the social, and the technological, adds the fundamental business risk reduction principle of “It’s who you know,” and shares its clients’ corporate messages in multiple, well-established social media channels, resulting in “word of Handshake” leads and referrals for clients’ companies. 

Handshake Media, Incorporated, based in Blacksburg, Virginia, specializes in social media services for companies seeking national and global clients, customers, partners and investors.

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  1. Congratulations Anne, and well-deserved. You’re a major synapse of the community and a tireless supporter of all things entrepreneurial. You deserve the awards, the recognition and then some.

  2. What a lovely comment, Ken. Thank you so much. And thank you for your expertise, savvy, and oversight as I have taken entrepreneurial risks! What a wild ride it has been. Thank you for going with me!

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