Wine Moments – Old School Lane Cabernet Sauvignon

Virginia winery and Virginia wines in Christiansburg, Virginia

Wine moments with Attimo Winery

"Old school." The phrase is commonly used to describe an older but better way of doing things, even business.  "Old school" business practices conjure up memories of small town businesses that made home deliveries and knew customers by name.

The Old School Lane Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008 is a smooth, deep red wine with abundant cherry flavors.  We found this red improved its flavor when chilled – a rare quality for Cabernet Sauvignon.  Serve this wine with pork or duck the next time old friends are gathered together. 

Remember good times and make new memories with Old School Lane.


All are invited to join the Attimo Winery Planting Party, April 17-18, 2010.

Rik and Melissa Obiso, co-owners of Attimo Winery, a new winery located in the New River Valley of Virginia, write a weekly wine recommendation for Handshake 2.0. Attimo Winery plans to open to the public as early as 2012.  Attimo Winery (formely Eclipse Winery) was featured in  Couple hope grapes will yield dream business and Wine business budding in Montgomery County in The Roanoke Times.  You're invited to read all the recommendations, more about Attimo Winery on Handshake 2.0, and to follow Attimo Winery on Twitter @attimowinery.

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