Three Months in Flight for SmartCollegeVisit

Handshake Media, Incorporated has been delighted to be part of the rocket launch and entrepreneurial success story of SmartCollegeVisit.  We described the launch of SmartCollegeVisit, reported on one month of progress, and continue to be inspired by First College Visit, a series of first college visit stories on Handshake 2.0 by business professionals sponsored by SmartCollegeVisit.

SmartCollegeVisit founder, Z. Kelly Queijo, wrote a three-month progress report for the site in Three Months New.  Three months of highlights included:

  • A change in business status from sole proprietorship to corporation
  • Two custom tools developed:

* Smart College Evaluation form to help students and parents keep notes and track their college visits

* Smart Fuel calculator developed to help travelers estimate fuel costs for their college visits

Given we believe the answer to Should My Company Use Online Video Marketing in 2010? is a resounding "Yes!" for our company and for our clients, we loved making this video in celebration of our client, SmartCollegeVisit.

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  1. Handshake 2.0 ranks 7th in the top 10 sources driving traffic to SmartCollegeVisit–what an amazing ride it’s been in just three months!

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