Handshake 2.0 in the News

News and mentions of Handshake 2.0, Handshake Media, Incorporated, and Handshake Media’s founder, Anne Giles Clelland. 

“New Crowdfunding Sites Boost Health Startups,” Entrepreneur, 2/15/13

“Anne Clelland to Speak in D.C.,” moreFRONT, 10/25/12

“Large Group from Region Finalists in Gap 50,” moreFRONT, 10/2/12

“Papparazzi at the Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council Gala,” The Roanoke Times, 9/24/2012, Photo 7

“Nominees Named for Technology Awards,” The Roanoke Times, 3/23/12

“This Week in Titanium Mobile Development: 03 Jan 2012,” Titanium Development, 1/12/12

“How to Become a Paperless Society or at Least a Less Paper Office, Barbara Weltman, Big Ideas for Small Business, 5/1/11

“Linkedin : l’ultime carnet d’adresses,” Finance et Investissement, 4/19/11 

“GUAPA [Graduate Urban Affairs and Planning Association] Featured on Local Professional Networking Blog,” Virginia Tech Urban Affairs and Planning Program, 3/21/11

“”Android for girls: a new frontier,” iAlja, 3/8/11

“The Real Estate App,” Valley Business FRONT, 3/11, pages 30-31

“Mobile App Development: 20 Women Who Developed Mobile Apps Share Their Experiences,” International Association of Women Entrepreneurs Online, 3/1/11

“The Year in Sharp Posts: 10 Must-Reads of 2010,” Sharp Skirts, 1/11

Marketing by the Numbers: How to Measure and Improve the ROI of Any Campaign, Leland Harden and Bob Heyman, “Mapping Marketing ROI to the Sales Funnel,” pages 99-100, 2010.  Social Media Sales Funnel Infographic on page 100 by Kelsey Sarles.

“Lessons Learned: Just Because I Want the Market to Want Me Doesn’t Mean It Will,” Sharp Skirts, 2010

“Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce to Honor Business Leaders,” The Roanoke Times, 12/7/10

“Startups in Lean Times,” The Roanoke Times, 6/27/10

“Angel Investors Guide to Blacksburg, Virginia,” The National Association of Seed and Venture Funds (NASVF), 4/12/10

“3 Metrics to Help Stop Abandoned Blog Syndrome,” Flack’s Revenge, 3/30/10

“Introducing Tomorrow’s Topic and Guest Blogger,” Flack’s Revenge, 3/29/10

“Finalists to Present Plans for New Businesses at Entrepreneurship Summit,” Virginia Tech News, 3/24/10

“Nominees Named for Technology Awards,” The Roanoke Times, 3/23/10

“A Discussion About Economic Development in the New River Valley, AllenJFuller.com, 3/23/10

“Visualizing Social Media ROI,” Social Media Today, 2/22/10

“Can Starbucks’ CEO Really Think Like a Startup?” AOL Small Business, Charlotte Jensen, 2/15/10

“Blogosphere on Boostrapping,” Sramana Mitra, 1/31/10

“The Future of Writing, Part Deux,” Roanoke Writers, 1/30/10

“The Pondering Publisher Ponders the Shower,” The NRV Hub, 1/25/10

“All the Cool Kids Are Blogging,” College Lifestyles, 1/25/10

“It’s About the Past, the Present and the Future,” fromtheeditr, 1/24/10

“Record Day for Writers Conference,” moreFRONT, 1/24/10

“A Brief Report Card on the Writers Conference,” fromtheeditr, 1/23/10

“Handshake 2.0 Launches Innovative Campaign for SmartCollegeVisit.com,” Flack’s Revenge, 11/09/09

“Developing Our Economy – 2.0 Style,” NRV Hub, 10/09

“An Editor Reflects on Her Use of Twitter,” Hackademic.net, 10/14/09

“Savvy Week in Review – September 4, Savvy B2B Marketing, 9/4/09

“World’s First Authenticity Policy?” {grow}, 9/3/09 

“The New Power Girls: Women Entrepreneurs On How To Deliver Your Company’s Message,” The Huffington Post, 9/2/09

“Geek Weekend: Roanoke, VA,” CrunchGear on TechCrunch, 7/24/09

“Reflections from 500 Blog Posts,” Connecting People, 7/10/09

“Top reasons to live in Blacksburg,” Employment at Virginia Tech, 7/09

“Local internship employers,” Pamplin College of Business, Department of Management, Virginia Tech, 7/09

“Handshaking in Blacksburg,” NRVLiving – Real Estate. Simplified. 5/26/2009

“My Interviews on Handshake 2.0 and MurrayNewlands.com, ” Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, & Other Stuff I Dig – MissyWard.com, 5/22/09

“Stop/Imagine,” Guerrilla Gardening, 5/16/09

“Social Media Agency Uses Social Media to Promote Itself,” B2B Sales & Marketing Knowledge Sharing, 5/4/09

“Twitter This,” Blue Ridge Business Journal, 4/20/09

“Mom’s Rules of Social Media and More,” ZKQ Blog, 4/10/09

“Shaking Hands Are Helping Hands in Virginia,” ZKQ Blog, 3/24/09

“A Virtual Handshake,” NRVLiving – Real Estate. Simplified, 3/24/09

“White Paper: Business Results Using Twitter,” Headlines from Floyd, 3/18/09

“The Changing Nature of Web Influence,” Flack’s Revenge, 3/13/09

“Will Rogers on Horn Blowing,” Headlines from Floyd, 3/9/09

“New Look for QCats Biz,” QCatsBiz Blog, 3/4/09

“Anne Giles Clelland and Tyson Daniel – Yes, We Can!”, Open Business, 2/27/09

“Writing in the 21st Century,” Table For One, 2/26/09

“Blacksburg Electronic Village:  Most Wired Town in America,” Technology Futures, 2/23/09

“Blacksburg – First, and Wire-Free,” NRV Living – Real Estate. Simplified, 2/23/09

“My First Day on Twitter,” Headlines from Floyd, 2/20/09

“Every Regional Business Blogging – A Vision for Handshake 2.0,” Connecting People, 2/16/09

“Confessions of a Business Blogger,” Table for One, 2/16/09

“Public Relations and 3 Tips for Editing Emails,” Brand Thunder, 2/11/09

“”Power Blogging by ‘A Power Girl,'” Headlines from Floyd, 1/19/09

“The New Power Girls:  How to Strike Balance in Business,” The Huffington Post, 1/16/09

“It’s Still Who You Know,” So You Want to Launch a Business, 1/4/09

“Shaking Hands with Handshake 2.0,” Headlines from Floyd, 12/17/08

“From Cell Phone to iPhone,” Gary Cope, 12/19/08

Using Mathematica, Wolfram Research News & Events

“Big Bad Bold Bloggers 4 Business,” Valley Business FRONT, November, 2008, pages 8-11.

“In the Beginning Was the Blog,” Valley Business FRONT, November, 2008, page 12.

“It’s Still Who You Know!” So You Want to Launch a Business, 10/27/08

“Stuart Mease on Supporting Local Businesses in the Roanoke and New River Valleys,” NRV Living – Real Estate. Simplified, 10/21/08

Harmonia Federal Services News, 10/20/08

“Crowdsourcing and Collaborating on the News,” Flack’s Revenge, 8/15/08

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