Ken Maready Heads Law Office for Entrepreneurs

Remember when Mark Schaefer, author of the blog {grow}, wrote in The World's First "Authenticity Policy"? with regard to Handshake 2.0's social media authenticity policy, "As far as I know, this is the first published, legally-validated 'authenticity policy'"?

Ken Maready, Hutchison Law Group, Blacksburg, Virginia That "legally-validated" was done by Ken Maready.

An entrepreneur himself as the founder of his own law firm, Venture Counsel, Ken has joined Hutchison Law Group and will head its new office in Blacksburg, Virginia. 

I was introduced to Ken Maready by Allan Tsang of 88owls, a fellow member of VT KnowledgeWorks. I met Helga Leftwich at VT KnowledgeWorks when she served on a panel to help member company founders practice their pitches to potential investors.  When I saw Helga Leftwich quoted in the Hutchison Law news release on Ken Maready joining the firm, I had to find out more about the these "It's who you know" connections.

I emailed Helga Leftwich questions and she kindly replied.

When did you first meet Ken Maready - was it at VT KnowledgeWorks? – and what about him and/or his expertise gave you the idea that he might be a good colleague?

Helga Leftwich, Hutchison Law Group, Raleigh, North CarolinaWe were fortunate to have Ken work with us at Hutchison Law Group for several years before he served as General Counsel at venture-backed Integrian, Inc. and then later moved to Blacksburg.  Ken's practice has always focused on representing entrepreneurial and growth companies and he has developed special expertise in working with venture capital transactions and venture-backed companies.  As we made the decision to open an office in Virginia, Ken was an ideal and natural choice to once again join us and oversee our office in Blacksburg. We are delighted to have him as a colleague and as part of the HLG team.  
What characteristics do you think might be distinctive and necessary for an attorney for technology-based start-ups?

Working with technology-based start-ups requires a special knowledge of the unique issues that start-ups face, so it's important to work with an attorney who has significant experience in this area. An understanding of the company's technology and/or industry is also useful.  Equally valuable in my view is that your attorney be someone who has a strong network of connections that are relevant to the needs of a start-up - for example, someone who can help connect you with potential advisors or investors, or additions to your company's management team or board of directors.  In my experience, entrepreneurs are also looking for someone who can combine sound legal knowledge with common sense advice and practical problem-solving. Ken epitomizes these qualities, and perhaps most importantly, he shares with all of us at Hutchison Law Group a love and passion for what we do and a desire to help not only our clients but also our entrepreneurial communities as a whole. 


Ah, that "strong network of connections" explains "It's who you know."  Online, "It's still who you know," and Ken Maready knows plenty about the online legal concerns of start-ups, entrepreneurs and technology companies.  In fact, Ken Maready's "Legal Concerns for the Web 2.0 Business" is forthcoming in volume one of the new series, Enterprise 2.0: How Technology, E-Commerce, and Web 2.0 Are Transforming Business Virtually, edited by Tracy Tuten, Ph.D.  The Enterprise 2.0 series is scheduled for publication by Praeger Publishers, an imprint of Houghton Mifflin Company.


VT KnowledgeWorks is a client of Handshake Media, Incorporated, the parent company of Handshake 2.0

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  1. Great post, Anne. We’re excited to have Ken on our team once again and to expand our involvement in this exciting area. I look forward to your continued coverage of the companies, people and ideas that make it so great.

    Jonathan Hungate
    Marketing Manager, Hutchison Law Group

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