Handshake 2.0’s New Speciality – Triathlete Autographs

When I posted links to Hunter Kemper's autograph on the Wheaties Fuel box and to triathlete and StellarOne banker Gretchen Weinnig's Valley Business FRONT photograph to the Roanoke Valley Triathlon Club, (Virginia) listserv, a triathlete named Mike replied to Gretchen, "May I have your autograph?"

Here's Gretchen's answer!

Triathlete Gretchen Weinnig's autograph for a fan

What's "S-B-R!"? Swim, Bike, Run – the three sports of triathlon!

Thank you, Gretchen, for being such a great sport! 

I speak from personal experience of your sportswomanship.  When we've been in triathlons together and  you've passed me - which would be in every single triathlon in which we've been together – you've always called me by name and cheered me on.  I respect and appreciate that.

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  1. Gretchen Weinnig says:


    You made my whole month!! Thanks for all of your hard work and energy. You light up a room.

    Hope to see you at races more than at business events!


  2. I loved being on your team for this very fun, very charming, what, multi-channel online conversation and event?! Just delightful.

    And such kind words. Thank you.

    I’ve got 6 sprint triathlons on my 2010 schedule and very much hope to cross paths with you.

    Seeing you at a business event works, too.

    Again, thank you!

  3. Anne:

    Nice how this viral stuff actually has people catching good viral viruses. You and Gretch stay healthy.

    Dan Smith

  4. Your great photo got the great fun started! Thank you so much!

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