Entrepreneurship Summit – Putting Skin in the Game

Today's the first.  On the fifth, for an entrepreneur to have skin in the game will cost fifty bucks.

For those who just like to watch, exhibitors and attendees can pay for admission.

There will be sweating.

Entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas at Alumni Asssembly Hall at the Inn at Virginia Tech The hot events of the VT KnowledgeWorks Second Annual Entrepreneurship Summit will be the Business Concept Competitions – one for students, one open – on April 7 and the Live Angel Funding Session on April 8, 2010.

See those lines pointing to center stage?  All eyes will be on the entrepreneur…

To compete in the Business Concept Competitions in the VTKW E-Summit, individuals or teams must register by filling out an Intent to Compete form online by February 5, 2010.  A one-page summary of the concept is due February 12.

The Business Concept Competitions are open to all technology entrepreneurs in Virginia and western North Carolina.  Links to complete information begin here, VT KnowledgeWorks Second Annual Entrepreneurship Summit, and here are step-by-step instructions for entering the Open Business Concept Competition and step-by-step instructions for entering the Student Business Concept Competition.

Which five entrepreneurs will be selected to reveal their ideas in the arena?


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