Thinking in Start-Up Mode

According to the New York Times in Now at Starbucks: A Rebound, Starbucks's founder, Howard Schultz, was returned to a leadership position at Starbucks to do a company turnaround.  "“We lost our way,” he said. “We went back to start-up mode."

Corporate entrepreneurship – sometimes termed intrapreneurship - is gaining momentum as a research subject as interest in entrepreneurship in general grows.  "Thinking like an entrepreneur" can bring innovation, growth, and new profitability to existing organizations.  

One of the results of Starbucks's entrepreneurial brainstorming was 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea.

In Can Starbucks' CEO Really Think Like a Startup?, Charlotte Jensen wrote for AOL Small Business:

15th Avenue Coffee and Tea — Howard Schultz's new coffee shop in Seattle — is decidedly un-Starbucks-like, with its fresh flowers, distressed wooden furniture, mismatched chairs, communal seating, pattern-topped lattes, live music, beer and wine list, and water bowls for dogs placed by the front entrance. But as Schultz tries to go indie with experimental locations in hip neighborhoods, we asked 19 entrepreneurs and startups for their take — and tips — on how corporate giant Schultz can truly recapture that startup mindset.

Having been part of the era of dot-com entrepreneurship and, ten years later, having my own 18-month start-up, I have seen enough, heard enough, and done enough to know that this mindset results in entrepreneurial failure:  "I want to be a mogul!"  This one stands a chance: "I think my idea can change the world." 

I was honored to be quoted by Charlotte Jensen in Can Starbucks' CEO Really Think Like a Startup?:

"Only sell what you would buy. If your passion is for the business, not for the product or service, customers may respect your drive, but they won't buy. If you don't believe, they won't, either."
–Anne Giles Clelland, president, Handshake Media Inc.


The full list of 19 tips on thinking like an entrepreneur can be found in Charlotte Jensen's Can Starbucks' CEO Really Think Like a Startup? Charlotte Jensen is on Twitter @charsometimes.

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