Wheaties Fuel Reaches Target Market – Female Baby Boomer Sprint Triathletes

Well, not exactly.

I am a fan of the Breakfast of Champions and have spooned it down for decades.  Since taking up sprint triathlons two years ago at age 49 - I start training today for my third season – although I don't really follow the sport, I was delighted to see triathlete Hunter Kemper on the front of a Wheaties box. I went to the Wheaties site at the time and savored images of all the athletes on the packages (the site's redesign seems to have reduced the history to this .pdf).

Upon my return from the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference in Virginia, I found what, to me, was a personal gift from my husband - something I had never seen before:  a box of Wheaties Fuel

My box sports Terminator 2-like logo text and the serious-eyed Albert Pujols.

I like the cover.  It appeals to the tough, triathlete side of me.

I turned the box over.  Hunter Kemper again! Then…

I took a shot of the back with my BlackBerry and tweeted, "I'm guessing the target market of new Wheaties Fuel is guys."

Guys on the back of the Wheaties Fuel box

Image source:  Handshake 2.0 on TwitPic

Ya think?!

Apparently, Wheaties Fuel, according to the New York Times, is For Those Who Want Their Cereal Extra Manly.  Also, apparently, women have traditionally made cereal purchases, but men increasingly "are taking over a lot more of the shopping occasions." In this case study of one,  Mr. Handshake 2.0's "shopping occasion" reached an unexpected customer:  a fan of the old product, willing to become a fan of the new one.

But a non-guy.


(Did I thoroughly savor, like a spoonful of Wheaties, writing the title of this post? Yes, I did.)

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