In The Age of Transparency Akin to Nudity, Someone Might Tell Us Our Pecs Sag or Our Thighs Are Fat

"…the video completely fails as an angel investor pitch!"
– David Rose

Anne Clelland practicing personal and corporate transparency. Ah, 2010 has arrived, the year we all practice full frontal personal and corporate transparency for the sake of engendering trust through disclosure.

In Nudity is the New Transparency, I wrote, "What I hear fellow CEOs struggle with is nudity of the heart, mind and spirit. I hear their concerns about the consequences of dismantling privacy fences, of secrets revealed, of that deepest fear – of not being accepted for who we truly are."

In other words:  If we put ourselves out there online, people could tell us we stink.

Judgment, evaluation, feedback, "constructive criticism"?  Not my favorite.  And yet…

What if we take the risk of putting ourselves out there and someone with expertise and experience cares enough about the topic to take the time to give us feedback?

Sure, it stings. But what an opportunity to grow.

I got lucky. Yay. I get to grow.

David Rose took the time to leave a comment on Video Yourself about my angel investor video pitch.

Who is David Rose?

Only a venture capitalist, a TED speaker, the founder of Angelsoft - considered the industry standard for online application for angel and venture funding which I filled out so carefully to apply for my company to pitch at the VT KnowledgeWorks Entrepreneurial Summit - and a panelist at the Summit, with whom I had a brief online dialogue via comments. My company was not selected to pitch.

Okay, fine, so maybe more than a sting.

Rose concludes his comment, "I'd love to see a re-shoot of your video after you've watched mine, and taken the lessons!"

So investors invest in the entrepreneur first, eh? In an age of transparency akin to nudity? A video?

My, my.

Angel Investor Video Pitch Trashed

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