The Handshake 2.0 Video Contest

In The Handshake Video, Handshake 2.0 founder Anne Giles Clelland has a cameo appearance.

Of the 2 minutes and 47 seconds of the video, during which second does she appear?

What does Anne Clelland look like? Hmm…

The first person to post a Twitter update - a tweet – with the correct number, in the following format, will receive a $50 check: 

@handshake20 In The Handshake Video, Anne Clelland appears in second _______ .

To complete the win, the Twitter user must:

  • Provide the correct number in the Twitter update using the tweet format above.
  • Within 1 minute of tweeting the update, send a Direct Message, a DM, to us @handshake20 with the same text as the public Twitter update.
  • Within 1 minute of being notified by @handshake20 of being the winner, the winner DMs us a link to a contact page that has the name matching the Twitter user profile and includes a mailing address where we can send the check. No public address, no win, no check. We move on to the next qualifier.
  • Be willing to have his or her Twitter user name announced on Twitter and on Handshake 2.0 like this.
  • Be willing to tweet when he or she receives the check.

The contest lasts until we have a winner!


Congratulations to Jaime Clark of Premier Transfer and Storage for winning The Handshake 2.0 Video Contest!  We sent her the check!

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