Defining Entrepreneurship

From 1) unsuccessfully seeking a definition of entrepreneurship from the Kauffman Foundation's  entrepreneurship site, 2) asking  Jim Flowers, Executive Director of VT KnowledgeWorks for a definition and sucessfully receiving one, 3) posting an Are You an Entrepreneur? survey on Handshake 2.0 and also on Inside VT KnowledgeWorks, 4) getting the results in the graphic below (some of the numbers are repeats from me trying to figure out Google Docs, so the results may say nothing at all), and 5) reading these comments on the survey post, my conclusion is that determining exactly what an entrepreneur is may be a process of "defining" rather than "definition."  

Even The New York Times is asking a form of the question.

The question, "Are you an entrepreneur?" is imperative, however, for a company founder to ask and answer.

An entrepreneur's business model will be different from the business model of a company founder who starts a business to complement a lifestyle or to produce household income. "Automate and scale" is fundamental to entrepreneurship.  How can I automate the process that creates my product or service, thus decreasing the labor costs required to create it, in a way that allows me to scale up the production and distribution of my product or service nationally, even globally?

The VT KnowledgeWorks Entrepreneurship Summit – which includes a Business Concept Competition, one Open, one for Students – is a reminder that the business model matters.

Are you an entrepreneur?


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