Angel Investor Video Pitch Trashed

"…the video completely fails as an angel investor pitch!"
– David Rose

In The Age of Transparency Akin to Nudity, Someone Might Tell Us Our Pecs Sag or Our Thighs Are Fat, I wrote that David Rose, a venture capitalist and founder of Angelsoft, took the time to leave a comment on Video Yourself about my angel investor video pitch. I mentioned a variety of reasons why I didn't enjoy qualifying for the Fail Blog.

Still. Take a look at the value in this comprehensive trashing.  It is ultimately a brief, direct, expert guide to creating an angel investor video pitch.

Feel free to follow the trashation along in my video. 

Anne, Good post. Would you like some feedback on your angel investor pitch video? (I hope so, because I'm about to give you some!)

While you come across as completely sincere and enthusiastic about Handshake 2.0, the video completely fails as an angel investor pitch! Why? Because in your 1:10 of video, not ONCE do you tell me anything about the business!

You spend the first half telling me how wonderful it is to go looking there as a viewer, and the second half telling me why you'd want to participate as a vendor. Both of these are sales pitches for the product. But you don't spend a single second discussing anything related to the venture in which I'm investing: the market size, the market need, the business model, the target customers, the market entry strategy, your unique advantage(s), the financials, the management team, the exit strategy, etc. etc. etc.

Remember that investors are NOT investing in the product. I can't tell you how many wonderful products that I've been pitched, that I loved, and might even purchase myself…but I'd never invest in the business because it didn't make sense (at least for me as an investor). What investors ARE investing in, fall into the following categories (more or less roughly in the following order):

  1. YOU, the entrepreneur
  2. The Market
  3. The Business Model
  4. The ability to execute
  5. The product
  6. The financials
  7. The deal

The first one (YOU) involves communicating a lot of things to a potential investor, starting off with Integrity and Passion (both of which come across in the video). But, unfortunately, without the rest of #1 (such as your background, abilities, experience, etc.) and absolutely nothing of anything else (even after watching the video, I still don't know what Handshake 2.0 actually does), there's just not a lot to help an investor make the decision to invest.


Rose concludes his comment with, "I'd love to see a re-shoot of your video after you've watched mine [TED], and taken the lessons [Angelsoft Blog]!"

I'll take that as both an invitation and a challenge.

What does Handshake 2.0 do, David Rose? Attracts commentary by experts, for starters. So, for my comprehensive "completely fails" – and for the gift of your ideas to our site's audience – thank you.

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  1. Very good advice. And I’m so impressed you took the trashing in a positive light and using it as a learning experience for yourself and your readers. Great job, Anne.

  2. Debbie Palombo says:


  3. Thanks so much, Barry, for the kind words, and Debbie, for the kind word. 🙂

    I will acknowledge that my first response wasn’t warm and fuzzy. Very difficult for me not to take criticism of my work personally. But a careful review of Rose’s comments shows not a single personal attack. He truly evaluates my pitch, not me. That made it easier – after a few days – to view his comments as a professional favor.

    Now for that new video…

    Thanks again!

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