About That Anonymous Guy

I know who the guy in the paper bag is.

Here's another stellar example of a corportate video from Coldwell Banker Townside, REALTORS (R) in its series "What makes Coldwell Banker Townside #1 in the New River Valley?"

The deadline for voting for Best of the NRV – New River Valley of Virginia – is days away.  The results are published yearly in Discover from The Roanoke Times.  If you'd like to vote in the new poll, here's the Best of the NRV 2010 poll.

To understand the "plot line," Mike Eggleston was voted the #1 Best Real Estate Agent in the Best of the NRV poll. Jeremy Hart was voted #2.

The dog is funny.  But the guy in the paper bag? Why, I'd trust him to buy a house for me.  Maybe two.

A corporation spoofing itself in a video?  That takes confidence.  Nicely done.


The "What makes Coldwell Banker Townside #1 in the New River Valley?" series is on Coldwell Banker Townside's blog, Keepin' It Real Estate.  CBTownside was voted #1 Best Real Estate Agency in the NRV (New River Valley of Virginia) through a poll conducted by the New River Current, a division of The Roanoke Times. The videos can be viewed in Coldwell Banker Townside's YouTube channel.

We covered two more videos in the series: He Wanted To Be a Snake Handler and A Corporate Video from Coldwell Banker Townside REALTORS (R).


Coldwell Banker Townside, REALTORS (R) is a full service real estate agency specializing in Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Roanoke, and Salem, Virginia real estate and homes.  Coldwell Banker Townside, REALTORS (R) strives to be the best online source for real estate listings in Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Roanoke, Salem and all of the  Roanoke Valley and New River Valley.   Experienced agents are available to provide expert real estate advice and quality customer service.  You're invited to view this week's featured properties, learn the latest on CBT's blog, Keepin' It Real Estate, and see more CBT on Handshake 2.0.

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  1. I’m getting hooked on the Coldwell Banker Townside, REALTORS (R) soap opera. Corporate competition — the world of business thrives on it. Now, if they were to add murder, mayhem and infidelity, then they’ll surely develop a following similar to that of Ikea Heights. I plan on staying tuned in to find out.

  2. Beyond confidence, it’s been fun to share some of what makes Coldwell Banker Townside such a great company to be associated with. We have fun, and that translates to the people we work with.

    Win win, all the way around.

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