Top Content by Top Content Creators for Handshake 2.0

I would like to celebrate and thank all the content creators – writers, artists, photographers, and videographers - who joined me in sharing the best business news, information and ideas we could find in 2009 with Handshake 2.0's audience.

In particular, I'd like to note the posts and their writers that brought the most people, a.k.a. site traffic, to Handshake 2.0.  Listed below are the top ten traffic-producing posts on Handshake 2.0 from January 1, 2009 – December 10, 2009, according to Google Analytics.  Interestingly enough, the top post is not by the site's founder, nor are the majority.  My simple conclusion:  It takes a team.

This team's shining star is Z. Kelly Queijo whose top ranking post has triple the traffic of the next highest ranking post, all of the rest of which have similar numbers.

1. Blacksburg Makes the List – Lots of Them, Z. Kelly Queijo

2. The Not So Simple Truth about Online Résumé Scanners, Christina Motley

3. Cloud Computing – Just Draw Me a Picture, Anne Clelland

4. PE Central Soars as #1 Site for Physical Activity Resources, Anne Clelland

5. The Power of Twitter – An Allstate Story, Richard Hammer

6. Gotta Have It – Brand New Map of the New River Valley of Virginia from the NRVEDA, Anne Clelland

7, Fresh Ideas and Food from The Fresh Palate, Z. Kelly Queijo

8. Journalism 140: The Creative Twitter Challenge, Z. Kelly Queijo

9. Clicking Back Over the Years – Most Wired Town in America, Z. Kelly Queijo

10. Doing Business in Floyd – Bank of Floyd, Niel Sagebiel

For your interest, here are the top categories with the most page views.  While posts in categories holding positions 2-4 are by multiple writers, positions #1 and #5 are held by columnists who have been creating for Handshake 2.0 almost since its inception.  I thank them especially for their continued innovation.

Top Categories

1. Today's Eclipse, Melissa Obiso and Rik Obiso

2. Handshake 1.0s


4. FurnishWEB

5. Connecting People in the RNR, Stuart Mease

Today's Eclipse - Trou de Bonde Roux
Protecting Data from the End of the World


  1. if this were television, then my show would be cancelled!!! ouch! Ha!

  2. Stuart, please note that our “Company Index” is our category list. Your show is ranked #5 of approximately 100! Yes, please, more versions of CP in the RNR starring Stuart Mease!!

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