The Business of Knitting

Gina Bonomo Dugas of the Mosaic Yarn Shop in Blacksburg, Virginia Many financial and technological businesses offer bewildered looks when knitting is mentioned in their circles. More often than not are the condescending sneers and smiles of, "Aw, you poor dear. Leave the bigger topics for us to handle." Here are some staggering facts to digest:

  • Since September 11th, 2001, many folks decided they would rather spend time at home with their families. Because of this rise in family-bonding time, hobbies such as woodworking and knitting became money-making producers in the craft industry.
  • Due to issues with the amount of preservatives and unknown ingredients in today's goods, handmade items are not only in demand, but are highly sought after, especially given consciousness of sweat shops and fair trade.
  • With the United States economy's crash and slow recovery, stay-at-home-parents (not just women!) are looking to the craft industry to provide an income from the fruits of their hands, and they are succeeding. These businesses include specifically those who farm, manufacture, design, publish, and resell in their niche. The yarn industry encompasses the textile arts of knitting, crocheting, weaving, and spinning.

Crafters communicate in "knitterly" ways: websites, online groups, e-lists, blogs, podcasts, Facebook, and Twitter. The main source, though, is the social network Ravelry which offers up a central location for them. Martha Stewart knew exactly what she was doing when she gave up her financial career to create her crafty empire. Little did many realize how well her show would appeal to women, and that many would follow her explicit directions on baking a perfect cake or decorating a window. Unfortunately these same folks can treat the yarn industry with equal disdain. When might they learn that  industries which target women as customers are profitable?


Kimberly Reynolds is SomeBunny who loves technology and plays with yarn (or is that vice versa?) on the web.

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