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Barry Welch, Anne Clelland, Kelly Queijo

Barry Welch, founder of Internet Databases and developer of FurnishWEB, a connectivity portal for the home furnishings industry, Anne Giles Clelland, founder of Handshake 2.0, a connector of people and portals, and Z. Kelly Queijo, founder of SmartCollegeVisit, a college visit portal with tools and resources for planning campus visit travel, share a Handshake 1.0.

Photo credit: Andrew Cohill


It's still who you know!  You're invited to send us an image of you shaking hands with someone you know - a Handshake 1.0 – and we'll consider posting it in on Handshake 2.0.

Here are all the Handshake 1.0's on Handshake 2.0 and here's how to get your Handshake 1.0 on Handshake 2.0.


Design NineInternet Databases and SmartCollegeVisit are clients of Handshake Media.

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