Handshake 2.0’s Splash Screen

While the brand identification clip in a film can be called a "logo" or an "introductory trademark" - the boy fishing on the moon for DreamWorks, for example, or the bouncing desk lamp for Pixar - branding YouTube's software-based delivery of short films with a several-second splash screen – a term Blacksburg Media uses - seems just right.

We're excited about Handshake 2.0's upcoming splash – a video created by Blackburg Media, scheduled to debut in early December.  We've written a series of posts about the developing project.

Blacksburg Media has created a draft of the splash screen it will use for our video.

We asked Jarred Foresman of Blacksburg Media about the value of a splash screen. "It’s all branding," he answered.  "To keep up in a digital age, companies will need more digital assets. Having a re-appearing clip at the beginning or end of all of a company's video assets helps remind people who they are watching."

I respect the power of branding through video assets, I do. And we've written about the expected explosion in the use of video content.  But Handshake 2.0's splash screen?  It's just plain cool.

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