Yes to Social Media Authenticity, But No Way I’d Be in a Video with My Hair Looking Like That

When I read about the expected explosion in the use of video content and extrapolated from that the need for companies to communicate via video, I opted to get this YouTube party started ASAP.

While I'm a fan of a good elevator pitch, and certainly a YouTube video can be used to convey a corporate message or to describe products and services, I was hoping to try something new.  We've experimented with videos (here is our Handshake 2.0 YouTube channel) and I like our results, but I'm no expert on video production and find the process tedious. Like other members of the Fem Den, I'm into intuitive and am not "less tolerant of complicated interfaces" – I'm not at all tolerant.  These days, if I take a video using my camera, I no longer even download it into Movie Maker to add an introductory slide or some other gizmo.  I suck it straight from my camera into YouTube and click "Save."

While I appreciate Lindsey Eversole taking this video for me, I think I look tense.  About my company and its products and services, I feel a complex coexistence of confidence and peace. I asked myself in what setting I most often felt both confident and peaceful…

Jarred Foresman of Blacksburg Media - who is creating a forthcoming corporate video for Handshake 2.0 because he is known for innovation – heard me when we met at The Weight Club:  "Help me say what I most want to say with my truest, best self."

He did.  Even with my sweaty self.  And that's still a very cool splash screen.

Handshake Media, Incorporated, the parent company of Handshake 2.0, is a sponsor of the New River Valley Triathlon.

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