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Creativity by Steven White for Handshake 2.0

llustration for Handshake 2.0 by Steven White.  You're invited to view Steven White's work on flickr and to follow him on Twitter, @possum4all.

Ellett Valley Sunrise
Wrangling Documents with Evernote


  1. Thanks, Anne. I had fun with this one. Creativity lobotomy — ouch. Let it OUT!

    I appreciate the opportunity.

  2. A lobotomy! So that’s what that skin flap is! Yikes! I love art that feels uncomfortable. This is definitely that kind. Thank you so much for sharing your vision and talent with Handshake 2.0!

  3. With art, we all see something different – a reflection of ourselves no doubt. In this drawing these words come to mind: “This is your brain on social media.”

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