Using Skype for Business

by Preeti Singh

Using Skype for business It is often said that effective and timely communication is the key to successful businesses. Skype  video and voice calls software, helps one stay abreast in a fast-paced environment along with enhancing one’s business towards a competitive arena. Let us see how.

Skype is cost-effective.

Being free to install and use, Skype is a favourite amongst many due to its low cost calling rates, globally. With an ability to communicate via mobiles or landlines all over the world, Skype is very easy on the pocket.

Skype saves precious time.

In this fast moving world where time is of the essence, Skype, with its reliable features to stay connected anytime, anywhere, is indeed useful. Whether one is stuck in traffic or travelling overseas, Skype helps the user make those important business decisions on the move, thus saving time.

Skype has brand awareness.

Since its inception, Skype has gathered an international reputation to be a reliable source of communication. Often business houses are chosen to promote a business simply because they use Skype to communicate with their clients.

Skype is configured for PCs.

To enhance their employees' performance day by day, business houses prefer using PCs which have collaborated with Skype. Leading manufacturers like Lenovo have begun configuring Skype in their products to enable a high quality performance.

Skype binds teams together.

Most businesses are spread all over the world, expanding by the minute. With the advantage of Skype, business heads can stay connected with their teams, globally. With instant access, the team members can be contacted individually for specific tasks, anytime, anywhere.

Skype links chats to email.

The multi-faceted features of Skype make it popular and user-friendly. The Skype chats can be easily linked to emails and sent, ensuring no relevant business information is lost.

Using a reliable, effective, and free communication tool like Skype ensures a platform where businesses flourish and reach dizzy heights.


Preeti Singh is a freelance creative/content writer with 15 years writing experience and a zest to live life to the fullest.  Based in Chandigarh, India, she can be reached at

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