Connecting People in the RNR – Three Initiatives to Enhance Tech-Based Regional Economic Development

Handshake 2.0 brings you edition #40 of Connecting People in the RNR with Stuart Mease.

Stuart Mease mentions the unserviced work force and other themes he has shared in his Connecting People in the RNR series. 

"RNR" refers to the Roanoke and New River Valleys of Virginia.

Connecting People in the RNR
a video show by Stuart Mease for Handshake 2.0

The opinions expressed by Stuart Mease or by those he interviews are solely their own.  They are not necessarily shared by Handshake 2.0 or its clients, sponsors, or advertisers, or by Stuart Mease's employer.


Stuart Mease is Recruiting Manager for Rackspace Email and Apps which sponsors the Rackspace Tech Showcase on Handshake 2.0.

Stuart writes the blog Connecting People.  You can connect with Stuart in myriad ways both off-line and online, including on Twitter @stuartmease.  Stuart Mease is an organizer of the Roanoke Creative Communities Leadership Project (CCLP) in Virginia.  You can follow the program on Twitter @roanokecreative. Stuart Mease was a finalist for the NCTC NewVa Leadership Award 2009.  

We consider Stuart Mease a thought leader and are honored he shares his views with Handshake 2.0.

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