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From Elizabeth Parsons:

Production, paperwork, prospecting and pandering – talented contractors are out there managing this constant juggling act with seemingly effortless agility.  I imagine that within their pristine, cerebral office spaces, Marketing, Accounting, Sales, Operations and IT Departments interact with seamless efficiency. 

Accounting does not pound at Sales’ door demanding last month’s expense report. Marketing – that creative, zany group down the hall – does not bad mouth Operations for insisting on all those darned rules. For career freelancers like Sarah Cox, Mark Ching, and Peg McGuire, folks I’ve had the pleasure of working with in my last position, I imagine the Creative in them (the CEO, if you will) feels always at liberty to create, comforted by the knowledge that her cohorts have it under control.

A new business card for Elizabeth Parsons My “internal office” isn’t there – yet.  Recently I spent two days battling Microsoft Word in an attempt to create business cards.  Finally, exasperated, I called up Susan Cousins, a fellow casualty of reorganization, for help.  Susan, my former Office Manager, is enraptured with all things order-making.   She handed me a flawless mock-up within an hour.  “It’s just a matter of making tables,” she said grinning, as if it were, indeed, just that simple.

Next up: technical disaster-relief. In exchange for a bottle of Malbec, two friends, Suzanne Dillon, an IT higher-up with Wachovia/Wells Fargo, and her husband, Jim, a technical whiz with Magnets USA, heroically revived my laptop’s Blue Screen of Death into a thriving virtual workplace.  

The back office in order, I'm ready to create. And while I don’t think I was intended to be a career freelancer, I’ll embrace it for now – and gratefully so. For it’s being part of a team that brings out my best. And while I’m pretty happy with my internal resources, it’s the external human ones that unshackle this muse to do her thing.


Elizabeth Parsons is a seasoned editor, writer, and communications professional.  You can follow her on Twitter at @e_claire_p.

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