For Home Furnishings Industry, FurnishWEB a High Point

"I found [FurnishWEB] to be the best and most complete site I have used."
 - Amy Perrin, Sales Representative, Sitcom Accessories

Hearing that from a FurnishWEB user was a high point for Barry Welch, founder of Internet Databases and developer of FurnishWEB, a dealer and sales rep portal for the home furnishings industry with a comprehensive online order, inventory, shipping and tracking system.  "What comes first for me is my clients' satisfaction.  If they're pleased, I'm even more pleased."

Barry Welch travels from his corporate office in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center to High Point, North Carolina this weekend for the National Home Furnishings Association's High Point Market, considered one of the top showroom and merchandising design events in the United States for the home furnishings industry.

Welch will co-present two sessions on Take a Critical Look at Your Company with Bob George of and Impact Consulting.  Barry Welch will talk about ways FurnishWEB can be part of a solution to handling changes in the evolving home furnishings industry.  

For those unable to attend the session, here's the flyer Barry Welch will present about FurnishWEB (.pdf)and a video introducing FurnishWEB.

The Take a Critical Look at Your Company sessions with Bob George of and Impact Consulting, and Barry Welch, founder of Internet Databases and developer of FurnishWEB, will take place on Wednesday, October 21, 2009, in the NHFA's Retailer Resource Center, Space 527, Plaza Suites with the 8:30 AM workshop for retailers and the 1:30 PM workshop for manufacturers.  Workshop attendees are invited to pre-register for the workshop.

Video credit:  Z. Kelly Queijo.  Thanks to Amy Perrin for permission to use her quote.


FurnishWEB, a client of Handshake 2.0, is an online data management system for the home furnishings industry that expedites and systematizes order processing and product inventory tracking to optimize partnerships between manufacturers, dealers, sales representatives, staff, and customers.

You can follow FurnishWEB on Twitter, become a FurnishWEB fan on Facebook, and read Barry Welch's blog.

FurnishWEB is an enterprise of Internet Databases, a custom web development company founded in 1999, located in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, Blacksburg, Virginia.

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