Anatomy of a Blog Post – Now That’s a Graphic Artist!

In preparation for the business blogging seminar I'll be doing as a fund-raising event for the YMCA at Virginia Tech on Monday, October 19 – only 8 seats left! – I've been sketching drafts of handouts, delivering them in various states of roughness to graphic artist Kelsey Sarles, and watching them arrive in my email inbox, transformed.

Here's her latest creation:

Anatomy of a Blog Post graphic by Kelsey Sarles


And here's what I give her to work with:

Anatomy of Blog Post graphic by Anne Giles Clelland



Someone who can understand what I mean and convey it to others visually?  Now that's a graphic artist!

Some of my other favorite graphics by Kelsey Sarles include Populating the Top of the Sales Funnel Through Social Media and Cloud Computing – Just Draw Me a Picture.

Regional Economy, Developed
Sushi Handshakes


  1. Thanks for the kind words. I’m definitely looking forward to the blogging seminar!

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