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When I read her bio - "Business strategy & user experience diva"  – I had to follow Kathy Herrmann of Intellicore Design Consulting on Twitter @KathyHerrmann.

I recently asked her what her company did.  She replied:

Intellicore Design Consulting helps companies extend their business online through services centered on developing and implementing customer-facing and collaborative systems and the back-office systems heightening their value.  Our services are web design and development, Enterprise Web 2.0, Information Architecture (IA), business automation, and software development.   Another way of saying this is we build online solutions like website – and the supporting infrastructure needed to automate and integrate them.

A bit of a diva myself, I asked, "Would you be open to, well, telling me all about me?"

Graciously, Kathy replied:
Let's say you, Handshake Media, Incorporated, provide “Acme Company” a recommended digital media strategy to generate corporate buzz.  Then Intellicore teams with you to implement the technology solutions needed to support those recommendations.

For example, let’s say you recommend Acme implement a blog and a branded community to foster discussion among customers.  Additionally, you recommend they get cracking participating on Twitter and Facebook to help stimulate discussion among the general market.

That's where Intellicore Design Consulting would be of assistance.

Based on the company’s overall business requirements, we recommend which blog and community software solution Acme should use and then spearhead the configuration and launch of the community site.  This part includes ensuring the blog and community site matches or coordinates design-wise with the company’s corporate website (or has an alternate design).  Additionally, rather than run the Acme blog and community as standalones, we also integrate them back into Acme’s CRM solution so they can automatically capture member or opt-in information, or track and analyze visitor activity at the community site.

For Twitter and Facebook, we recommend and implement a software solution that allows the company to monitor and analyze discussions around their company, products, and customer service.  Maybe as part of the technology solution, we also provide a pathway to automatically generate content for knowledge base articles to accelerate customer service.

Acme goes hogwild because of the one-two wowsy of a great marketing and PR strategy (you) coupled with the right technology (us) to implement, automate, and manage the activities related to the strategy. Of course, we can provide any piece of our service set rather than the whole shebang.


I like "shebang."  Thank you, Kathy!

The Intellicore Design Consulting "Secret Sauce"

Thanks to Kathy Herrmann for writing a guest post for Handshake 2.0.

We would welcome you on Handshake 2.0, too.

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