Ink Slog – Co-Leaders

"Co-Leader" from Ink Slog by Steven White for Handshake 2.0'

Illustration for Handshake 2.0 by Steven White.  You're invited to view Steven White's work on flickr and to follow him on Twitter, @possum4all.

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  1. Another great illustration from Steven White. He’s fantastic! You should see his VT art!

  2. Anne! thanks for sharing Steven White’s artistry! His work is wonderful!

  3. With me and with Handshake 2.0’s audience. I want to thank you for sharing the complexity of the who, the what, the talent, and the training that makes you the artist able to create what you do. I find myself viewing this illustration, and looking again, and studying it, all the while feeling delightfully uncomfortable.

    That’s art.

  4. Thanks. I’m humbled by the kind remarks and views — and the great support.

    If you talk to folks, like Marty, who have known me for a while then you’ll quickly learn that I’m on a journey. My creativity is just a series of steps… one foot after another.

    Along the way, I feel like it’s my responsibility to encourage others and help anyone that’s willing to listen understand that this is something we can ALL do.

    Creativity is inside everyone. An artist is in everyone — and that artist can pick the time, place, medium, subject matter, etc.. And it all starts with a journey. Steps. One foot in front of another.

    All you need for the journey are discipline, courage and a willingness to stop listening to the little voices inside your head (and in the real world) that tell you “you can’t do this.” Change that to “I’m doing this.”

    Easy peasy.

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