Handshake 2.0’s Coast-to-Coast Social Media Reach Contest

  • Does a Twitter update – a tweet – reach coast-to-coast?
  • Can a tweet from Handshake 2.0 in Virginia @handshake20 reach a Twitter user in California?
  • Can a local tweet reach a national audience?

We're going to test that out.

What is the color of the researcher's shirt in the debut cartoon of Dan Thompson's new series for Handshake 2.0 Hands On Humor?

The tenth person  - because the Handshake 2.0 logo features a 10-fingered handshake first person to post a Twitter update - a tweet – in this format will receive a $20 check: 

@handshake20 I'm in CA and the color of the researcher's shirt in "Hands On Humor" is  _______ .

In addition, the Twitter update and the Twitter user must meet these criteria:

  • The color named in the Twitter update must be the correct color of the shirt.
  • The Twitter user must have a Twitter profile indicating a California location.
  • Within 1 minute, the user sends a Direct Message, a DM, to us @handshake20 with the same text as the public Twitter update.
  • Within 1 minute of being notified of being the winner, the winner DMs us a link to a contact page that has the name matching the Twitter user profile and includes a mailing address where we can send the check.
  • No public address, no win, no check.  We move on to the next qualifier.
  • The winner is willing to have his or her Twitter user name announced on Twitter and on Handshake 2.0.
  • The winner is willing to tweet when he or she receives the check.

The contest lasts 5 hours – the number of fingers on one hand extended for a handshake.  The contest launched at 10:00 AM EST ends at 3:00 PM EST or when until we have a winner!

The check is filled out, the envelope is stamped, and we're ready to mail $20 to the winner of Handshake 2.0's Coast-to-Coast Reach Contest!

Handshake 2.0's Coast-to-Coast Reach Contest

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