Work Attire Speaks Volumes

Dressing for success From Preeti Singh:

It is often said that the "First impression is the last impression" but until I did not implement this saying myself did I honestly come to believe in it.  

According to me, dressing for success at work depended on my own personality, charm and the way I carried myself, irrespective of my attire. Creating my own dressing trends, totally distinct from the norm, was my own fashion style.

Slowly, as I stepped into the corporate world, my thinking changed.

Going to work wearing branded jeans, chewing gum, adorned with a crumpled shirt and casual attire conveyed the “ in thing “ look, but did not help my career.  I landed up portraying a laid-back attitude and a non-serious approach to professionalism.

Simply wearing a professional dress began to speak volumes about my personality and the message I wanted to convey. Crisply starched, ironed perfectly, my clothes sent the message, "This professional means business. Let’s pull our socks up!"

Being simple and subtle were the keys to making heads turn and commanding respect from my colleagues and peers.   I successfully made my wardrobe my spokesperson.


Preeti Singh is a freelance creative/content writer with 15 years writing experience and a zest to live life to the fullest.  Based in Chandigarh, India, she can be reached at

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